The Physician Patient Contract Can Be Terminated for Which Action Quizlet

The physician-patient relationship is a delicate and crucial one. Patients trust their healthcare providers with their physical and emotional well-being, and physicians have a duty to provide the best care possible. However, there are situations where either party may feel the need to terminate the relationship. So, what actions can lead to the termination of the physician-patient contract? Let`s take a look at some potential scenarios.

1. Noncompliance with treatment

As a patient, it is essential to follow your physician`s treatment plan, including taking prescribed medications, attending appointments, and following lifestyle recommendations. Failure to do so can lead to poor health outcomes and may ultimately result in the termination of the physician-patient relationship.

2. Disruptive behavior

Physicians have the responsibility to provide care to all patients, but disruptive behavior can interfere with the quality of care provided to other patients. Disruptive behavior can include shouting, threatening, or physically harming staff or other patients.

3. Non-payment or insurance issues

Patients are responsible for paying for medical services rendered, and physicians may terminate the relationship if payments are not made or insurance issues are not resolved.

4. Substance abuse

Substance abuse can lead to impaired judgment, poor decision-making, and can negatively impact a patient`s health. Physicians may terminate the relationship if they suspect a patient`s substance abuse is interfering with their ability to provide proper care.

5. Confidentiality breaches

Patients have the right to expect their medical information to be kept confidential. If a patient breaches this confidentiality, whether intentionally or unintentionally, it could result in the termination of the physician-patient relationship.

In conclusion, the physician-patient relationship is critical to a patient`s health and well-being. However, instances may arise where termination of the contract is necessary. Noncompliance with treatment, disruptive behavior, non-payment or insurance issues, substance abuse, and confidentiality breaches are potential scenarios that could lead to the termination of the physician-patient relationship. It is essential for both physicians and patients to understand these potential scenarios to ensure the best possible medical care is provided.